Students from a higher educational institution, PhD-researchers, early-stage start-ups and young professionals, anywhere in the world are eligible to participate in the Global Virtual Innovation Sprint (August 27th – 30th 2020). DTU affiliation and prior entrepreneurship experience are not required. 

The Virtual Innovation Sprint is designed for both existing teams or individuals. You may sign up as a team (we recommend 3-4) or join as an individual, a team will be assigned to you later. You can bring an existing project and accelerate this. 

Virtual Kick-Off and Award Ceremony

Sign Up Option as Spectator & Guest

Access to the Virtual Kick-Off Event (August 13th) & the Award Ceremony (September 10th). Do you want to join the fun out of interest or to support participants and teams, but you are not able to participate in the Virtual Innovation Sprint itself? Or you wonder whether your friends can join you for the award ceremony on October, 10th? We have created the option to sign up as Spectator & Guest.

4 WAYS to sign up for the virtual innovaiton sprint

Individual Sign Up

If you don't have an existing team, join the team formation day and form a team with other individuals. Together you will work on one of the challenge briefs. You may also bring in your own ideas and put together a new challenge brief matching one of the 4 challenge tracks.

Existing Project

We want to encourage participants to join with an already developed and established project and accelerate this further. This can be in the original team or in a new team formed on the team formation day.

Team Sign Up​​

If you already have a team, you may join together as a team and work on one of the present challenge briefs, or put together a new challenge brief matching one of the 4 challenge tracks.


Groups or individuals that want to showcase existing projects with no further development can submit their project under the matching track. During sign-up you select 'Demonstrator'. 

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