Let's Re-open a Sustainable Circular Society

Kick-off Webinar

13 August 2020
How can universities support a re-opening of a sustainable circular society?

Virtual Innovation Sprint

27 – 30 August 2020
4 challenge tracks – one mission. Let's re-open a sustainable circular society!

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Until 20 August 2020
Save your spot today. Join DTU in the re-opening of a sustainable circular society!

DTU is hosting a global virtual innovation sprint to nurture new agendas, new development projects, and new partnerships to life. We are in the era of a unique possibility for radical change. A momentum and opportunity window we cannot afford to miss. The goal: To accelerate a transition into a Post Covid-19 sustainable circular society.

Registration closes on August 20th.

Why It Is Important

The year 2020 has challenged our humanity and underscored the need for accelerating the momentum and societal awareness directed towards not only COVID-19 Crisis, but also Climate Crisis.

As such, this is a pivotal time to build new ideas and approach the reality of reaching the SDGs by 2030 and Climate Neutrality by 2050.

Why You Should Join

You will join DTU in our efforts to embrace the unique possibilities we have in the re-opening of the society. 

Bring new agendas, new development projects, and new partnerships live to accelerate the  transition to a sustainable circular economy.

Join the virtual innovation sprint in one of four dedicated tracks. Open to university students, PhD-researcher, entrepreneurs and young professionals.

How It Works

DTU Skylab Virtual Innovation Sprint starts with a virtual kick-off on August 13th, followed by a 1 day team formation and 3-day sprint, from August 27th to August 30th, in a designated virtual co-lab space to foster and nourish a robust team journey.

Here you will  get support and sparring from from track mentors, skill mentors, team coaches and the facilitators.

You will find 4 track challenges, along with 8 track partners who will guide you from your point of departure to implementation.

  1. Green transition in companies and organisations.
  2. New cities and neighbourhoods 
  3. The Future of Work, re-organisining work
  4. Wildcard for COVID-19 and sustainability related solutions despite their relation to the other three tracks
Program and Activities

You will have access to three main events. One excellent digital co-design lab as a back-bone for our collaborative team journey. One Sprint. Four challenge tracks. All facilitated and curated with utmost expertise and care.

Challenge partners, track mentors, skill mentors, team coaches, community leads, and facilitators will be on board to help you. You will be working with experts from various companies and organisations who are ready to on-board this paradigm chance and be a value change agent for the future.
Virtual Innovation Sprint

Ready To Re-Open A Sustainable Circular Society With US?

DTU Virtual Innovation Sprint

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