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NEW OUT: The sustainable alternative to household surface cleaners!

Skosh is innovating how household cleaners are being produced and used by getting rid of plastic-waste, toxic ingredients, and CO2 emissions. Customers benefit from a ready-to-go solution that can be ordered online.



When did cleaning get so complicated and unsustainable? The last time we went to the grocery stores, we counted 53 different “special” surface cleaners with 35 different smells…

Customer interviews show, people, want to be more sustainable but usually don’t want to dedicate additional efforts (i.e. time, money, etc.) to it. With the current operating logic of cleaning liquid companies (selling one-time-use plastic bottles), end-consumers are left without an affordable and easy to use solution that meets environmental standards. Thus, an easy-to-use and sustainable alternative for consumers is required that brings the cleaning industry back in line with prevalent trends in society reflected by the Agenda 2030. 

Additionally, with the current COVID-19 Crisis, the awareness for a healthy lifestyle, and the demand for cleaning liquids and disinfectants increased. This results in environmental and health-related challenges. Currently, states, cities, and companies are overusing disinfectants in order to prevent the spread of the virus. However, disinfectants are using very toxic and aggressive chemicals (such as bleach) which cause auto-immune diseases, asthma and harms the environment and endangers biodiversity. In order to prevent a break-down of biodiversity through the overuse of disinfectants and toxic cleaning liquids, a sustainable alternative is required.


By conducting several social media campaigns to test and validate the market we were able to identify and narrow down our target group: Typical customers are female between 25-44y/o and are employed, so persons with medium income and are digital natives, i.e. are using online media. Our target group usually have their own household and can be considered as Eco-believers or Eco-Actives, so people who consider sustainability important to themselves. Further critical stakeholders are manufacturers for our cleaning tablet as well as for bottles and packaging. Since we are able to find suppliers within the Nordic region, we can proudly say our products are made in Europe.


Our solution consists of two parts, a reusable bottle and a dissolvable tablet. First, the reusable bottle that has the ability to replace all the one-time-use spray bottles of current cleaning brands and thus reduces plastic waste drastically. The true innovation of the idea, however, lies in the development of a biodegradable tablet that leaves our customers with high-quality effective cleaning liquid once dissolved in tap-water (Multi-purpose-, Bathroom-, and Glass-cleaning). Our tablets are a unique and proprietary formulation combining eco-friendly chemicals and probiotic microorganisms to increase cleaning effectiveness and enhance the environmental impact of our cleaners.


We pioneer in biotech cleaning by integrating microorganisms into our tablets, which means making use of living organisms to increase effectiveness and environmental impact.

Using microorganisms in a cleaning context provides access to multiple advantages such as microscopic deep and effective cleaning, long-term cleaning effect while maintaining the microbial balance, and active prevention of dirt sticking to surfaces.

Probiotics are living bacteria which become effective once they are applied to the right surface with the right conditions (for example a surface with food waste on) and does their miracle: it cleans by producing enzymes that breaks down and absorb bad bacteria (Red dots in the figure) –> (even dirt in microscopic size). The really amazing thing is that even after you have wiped off the probiotic cleaning agent, a layer of good bacteria (Green dots in Figure) will be left on the surface and continue to clean for hours (even days) after application!

Besides being the more sustainable alternative to existing surface cleaning liquids, we want to make the process of buying and using cleaning liquids as convenient as possible for our customers. First, Skosh brings cleaning back to the essentials by focusing on the three most important cleaning areas everybody needs: Multi-Purpose, Bathroom, and Glass-Cleaning. Second, we offer our customers: worry-free cleaning: Customers buy our starter-kit once, which includes everything our customer needs for their cleaning procedures over the course of 4-6 months. After this period, our customers will automatically receive new tablets for the next period through our membership program. 


The market of surface cleaners in Europe has a volume of 7.5bn.€. Breaking it down to our target group within the Nordics, the SOM has a volume of 47mio.€. With 10% of our target group, the below mentioned cost structure emerges. The costs break down into 0.51€ of production cost per tablet and 1.52€ of marketing cost per tablet respectively. This calculation takes into consideration that each customer buys 6 tablets a year.


Our Product contributes positively to SDG’s No. 12, 13 &14:

SDG No.12: We are following a circular business model by focusing on reusing instead of one-time-use. Our bottles are designed to last forever and might be the last spray bottle you will ever buy. Say goodbye to one-time-use plastic and hello to reusable bottles!

SDG No. 13:Why do we ship all that unnecessary water weight around the planet when it is already at your home? Since current cleaning solutions are up to 95% water, the cleaning industry produces a substantial but avoidable share of the worldwide CO2 emissions. Through tablets, we are to reduce CO2 emissions by 96%!

SDG No. 14: One garbage truck of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans every minute. Plastic brakes into small particles called micro-plastic. Those particles get eaten by marine animals. In fact, 1 out of 3 fish has plastic in their guts. By completely relying on non-plastic packaging solutions we try to protect the life below water.


Putting the impact into perspective: With 20% of our market, we are able to save 2066 tons of CO2 emissions a year. The highest amount of these are saved through the prevention of new plastic bottle production but also compared to the baseline solution we are able to reduce transportation CO2 emissions by 96%. Furthermore, by using microorganism we are able to decrease the negative environmental impacts of disinfectants by restoring the microbiome.



“We believe in enhancing the sustainability impact through venture growth”. This quote basically sums up our motivation behind the venture. As the three of us are aware of all the plastic waste and the urgent need to reduce it, we also experienced that the impact we have as individuals is very limited. Therefore, we argue that in order for something to have a substantial and relevant impact, a certain level of growth and size has to be reached. Through the virtual innovation sprint, we are hoping to spread our idea and motivate fellows to join our mission in making cleaning sustainable!


  • Tom Hackenberg/
  • Simon Ziolkowski/
  • Max van der Mars/


  • Alfa Laval (Green Transition)
  • Nilfisk & Novozymes (HelloScience) (New Cities)
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