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PRESS RELEASE: [ iCollect to revitalize the public attitude for waste disposal]


ICollect will make recycling easier and more interesting.


TRACK 1: Green Transition in Companies & Organisations


The plastic-waste recycling has two parts, name the upstream processing and downstream processing. Upstream processing consists of the plastic waste collection from the source and separation while, downstream processing consists of the plastic recycling by technology. The developed country has formalized the plastic collection and sorting. This has been done by public maturity towards the plastic handling (eg., separation of glass, bio and plastic waste), by law enforcement (prohibition of certain type of polymers) or by industrial initiatives (eg., Maesk, BASF etc). On the other hand, major plastic generating population, developing countries, have not got the upstream processing in order. Certain developed country solution has been tried to implement in the developing countries to only loose the motivation, charm or productivity over time. This has been mainly due to lack of or short-term public motivation to participate. A consistent public motivation is captured by public awareness and a cultural implementation of attitude to save our nature. Possibly by training the people with short advises.


Target users are people all around the world and specially in developing countries. Only about 15% or 1.16 billion live in developed countries. The rest of the 85% or 6.57 billion live in developing and undeveloped countries. Developing countries release impressive portion of CO2 emissions all around the globe. Developing countries are talented countries for this project and it could be easily widespread through these countries. Most of our target group living in Africa, Asia and South America. Firstly, we looking forward to reduce environmental issues. Secondly, our horizon is sufficient recycling education in mentioned countries


Let’s see how it works from users and company perspective. For users: Let’s think Sasha bought a shampoo and see how it works. Sasha buys a shampoo and checks the shampoo on the app. The app shows the type of plastic used for the bottle. It will inform Sasha about the possible chemical effects of that plastic (eg. biodegradability, harmful effects on flora and fauna, chemical composition etc). It also informs the number of ‘leafs’ Sasha can collect if the empty shampoo bottle was deposited to iCollect. ‘Leaf’ is the name for the reward points in iCollect community. Once Sacha deposits the empty shampoo bottle by nearest collection point, the leafs are added to Sasha’s account. Sasha then exchanges the leafs with any other products available in the ‘basket’. ‘basket’ is the repository of the products available along with the company information and a message from the respective company. For Companies: Lets imagine Sacha buys a Dove soap with the leafs. How did Dove end up in the repository? The companies participate in the community as a ‘greenCompanion’. Each greenCompanion has a page where they can explain the efforts they have made to save Mother Nature. They can have a message for the community members. Each greenCompanion adds the products they want to participate in the community. Every greenCompanion can participate with specific products either available for the whole community in the world or may have a focused approach eg. a country or city based on their choice. Sasha sees Dove in iCollect basket and clicks on the product. Sasha sees a 3-4 sentence highlight of greenCompanion Unileaver and a link to their page for more details on Unileaver efforts in saving the nature. Unileaver should contribute to the community by their products to be part of the community. Hence, a “greenCompanion” badge shall not be available based on pay but only by being non-monetory contributor to the community. Additionally, it can pay to have a specific spot on the repository. Example, the Dove can be placed right on the top if Unileaver choose to pay a premium. That is a choice of the green companion. For iCollect: How does our machinery work? The premium paid by the greenCompanion will keep the app running. The plastic collected can be sold to also make the monetary gains. If the cost of premium is lower than the cost of maintenance (in the initial stages), we inform the community and increase the leafs required for the product. This increases the plastic waste collected. We are open for sponsorship in the collection points to further rise the funding.



Firstly, the companies get the good will to participate in the iCollect community. They also get to put the iCollect logo along with the link to their efforts in the community on all of their products (which is part of the community). Example, all the Dove soaps, even the once not in the community can have our logo to inform the efforts of Unileaver to general public. Secondly, the greenCompanion gets to focus their performing or non-performing or new products in a specific community and analyze the response. Above all every greenCompanion can be part of a revolution…a revolution to motivating the public regarding plastic waste. We are not just focusing on FMCG sector but also on the beverages, cosmetic and other. Another value of this app is its educational purposes for children in developing countries which leads to enhancing their knowledge in recycling.
companies which are interested. A FMCG is used here as an example to explain the working.


Developing countries suffer from lack of sufficient recycling infrastructures. Actions should be taken to develop their recycling system and also people education. As we talked to a full stack developer we need about 1000-1500 USD to take our idea into practice. Companies could gain an economic benefit of $200 a ton for recycling instead of dumping wastes so in industrial scale this app worth more than it looks.


Educate the public with simplified scientist data about the effects of the plastic on the nature. Motivate the public by an intensive to participate in the nature conservation. Imbibe the attitude to think about the plastic they are using, especially in the developing countries. Hence, have a sustainable and long term solution rather than a short-lived “bang”. greenCompanion encourage the countries to engage with the public and educate them about their efforts. “We can walk fast if we walk alone but we can walk far if we walk together” African proverb. We create a community to support and build an attitude to protect and respect Nature.


Reducing packaging costs
Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
Conserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals
Increases economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials
Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
Saves energy
Supports manufacturing and conserves valuable resources
Helps create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industrie



To solve a real problem and take a step to sustainable future.


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