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PRESS RELEASE: A new normal is on the rise forcing businesses to rethink the way they run. Deldet is here for you to help you adapt to the new world. We’re all in this together.


Small businesses will be able to share their premises with other businesses in order to reduce their expenses and become an active part of a circular economy by using DelDet platform.




Lower footfall in the city center has made small retailers struggle to survive since revenue has declined considerably while costs have remained constant. New generations of consumers also demand more investment in sustainability and in new experiences from businesses.


Our collaborators are retailers with physical presence, entrepreneurs with space requirements, students, Universities, Municipalities, web-stores and freelancers.


Our solution is a digital platform that facilitates the sharing of business spaces. DelDet platform will operate with a state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithm for successful B2C matching. It will offer a simple and comprehensive operating framework as well as an information package for safety, security, cost breakdown, liability, etc.

The platform aims to facilitate the creation of strong partnerships between local businesses and to engage the municipalities in order to help build a bold community whose core values are openness, collaboration, sustainability and accessibility.

DelDet platform enables existing businesses with physical space to share it with other like-minded businesses. Sharing can take place during overlapping and/or non-overlapping business hours. By sharing the space, expenses can be divided allowing both parties to become financially stable. Based on the business profile, the matchmaking services of the platform will provide suggestions for potential collaborations.


This is a unique opportunity for local businesses of becoming more sustainable by optimizing the use of their physical and virtual resources while improving their financial stability. Moreover, by engaging in labor relations with like-minded professionals, the foundation of possible long-term partnerships could be settled which can result in business development.

Existing solutions in the market are more focused on the sharing of residential and office spaces. Due to the pandemic and remote working gaining importance, the necessity of office space is reduced. We are focusing the solution in the retail industry since it is one of the sectors that is struggling more to survive this pandemic. By using the platform small businesses can offer more services at the same location which diversifies income sources in turn making them more resilient to financial shocks.


Initially, the service will work with a renting fee payment from both parts. This renting fee is established around 1-5% of the total cost of the rent. If other extra services are required (legal or financial services), this payment may be subjected to modification in its quantity. In the future other options such as subscription fees and contracts will be studied.


The impact of this project is focused on the following SDGs:

  • SDG 5 Gender equality: DelDet is a startup with 80% female founders and it is a clear paradigm of women empowerment. Product development will take into consideration the goal objectives by giving special badges for women and LGBTQ+  owned businesses. 
  • SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth: Using the platform small businesses and entrepreneurs can reduce their operating costs which helps in sustaining the business during crisis and flourishing after the crisis. 
  • SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities: The city will be able to better utilise existing space which reduces stress on the construction sector. The investment usually going for the construction can be diverted to other areas. 
  • SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production: Every new business that opens at a new location needs to buy goods such as furniture, electronics… By sharing the space, this business is also able to use existing resources of the space, which translates into a more sustainable business activity.
  • SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals: The platform enables businesses to give complementary services at the same location by partnering with them. This mimics the forest ecosystem where a large tree offers shelter to small animals which in return help the tree to propagate to wider areas and protect it from pests.



DelDet is founded by a multicultural team with various backgrounds and motivations.

Ioana is interested in the Investment & Finance and the Marketing & SoMe Strategy aspects. Driven by a start-up mindset and innovative ideas focusing on environmental conservation, while empowering women and creating an equal society, she is motivated to reshape the linear society we all live in towards circularity and sustainability. “Due to my experience with start-ups, product development and finance, I can sense the potential of our business model and I am able to create finance strategies and investment planning.”

Irene is interested in the Website Development and the Research and Development aspects. She is motivated  to cooperate in a project dedicated to improve social interactions and human cooperation that creates impact in environmental sustainability through the implementation of a circular economy strategy. 

Iro is interested in the Corporate Strategy and the Quality Assessment aspects. She is motivated to be an integral part of business initiatives that promote sustainable growth and clever use of resources as well as projects that promote women empowerment in shared economy initiatives. “I am the to-go person for risk assessment; stakeholders mapping and quality assessment of product development.” 

Marta is interested in the Corporate Strategy and the Product Development aspects. She is motivated to work with an international and multidisciplinary team in a project that not only has the goal to be economically viable but  seeks to have a clear and powerful social impact. “Due to my experience and knowledge of management and entrepreneurship I will be able to set up the business framework and lead the algorithm development.” 

Sagar is interested in the Customer Support and the Research & Development aspects. He is motivated to build a successful initiative that takes into consideration customer feedback. “Due to my background in R&D I would be able to convert customer needs into an exact target for the company which will ensure customer value.”



  • Challenge brief: Science City Lyngby
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