World Congress of Architects 2023 Copenhagen Presents:
The world’s most sustainable congress – towards UIA World Congress of Architects in 2023


Interested in inspiring and influencing how future world conferences become more inclusive and sustainable?

In 2023 Copenhagen will be named UIA/UNESCO World Capital of Architecture and at the same time host the 28th UIA World Congress of Architects, gathering architects and professionals from around the world within the building and city planning communities.

We, the secretariat behind UIA 2023 Copenhagen, onboard this virtual sprint at a time where we are looking for ideas and solutions on how to deliver on the ambition to become the world’s most sustainable congress in 2023.

Having the UN-pledge ‘Leave No One Behind’ as part of our congress title, we want to create new options of virtual participation for people that do not have the opportunity to take physical part in Copenhagen – looking at ways to create a hybrid-congress, linking environmental and social sustainability, while still offering a vibrant platform for the exchange of ideas, bold looks into the future and rallying ground for decisive action on creating our Sustainable Futures together.

Keywords: Architecture, hybrid event, sustainability, inclusion, universal design, technology, accessibility, beyond Zoom.

Innovation Challenge:

We challenge students of diverse backgrounds and entrepreneurs to bring forward ideas and inspiration on how latest solutions and technologies, and experiences from the virtual platforms from the COVID-19-period, can leapfrog options of more inclusive and sustainable world conferences going forward.

Inspire us by either pitching innovative, supportive technologies to scale or pilot, a new business model for hybrid events, or a concept on how to make a global congress inclusive and sustainable.

Feel free to address one of several of our current challenges:

  • How do we create a hybrid world congress where people – in all their diversity and backgrounds – have a fair chance of participating physically in Copenhagen and virtually through an online congress-platform?
  • What are the market opportunities in a hybrid world congress to sustain financially?
  • What is the most engaging and dignified way you can participate in a world congress if you are a person with a disability?


Inclusion: Finding ways to allow people with low income or people from developing countries a fair chance to take part in the congress

Access for all: Accessibility and universal design solutions at the venues we use, in the city and in the platforms we use for our congress.

Reusable, rented or easily recyclable solutions.

This challenge is not unique to UIA 2023 CPH but extremely current and relevant! Use your own experiences and get insights from other industries, conferences etc. on how to reopen a society that set new standards for inclusive, sustainable global congresses.

Let us explore the potential of collaborating towards UIA 2023!

Point of contact:

Annette Blegvad (CEO) Email: