Nilfisk & Novozymes Presents: Impact the future of Sustainable Cleaning.


Novozymes is an industrial biotechnology company and the world’s leader in enzymes and microorganisms. We believe in creating a better business with biology and more sustainable. Active in over 100 countries, we invest heavily in research and innovation across diverse sectors including Agriculture, Energy, Food, Health and Water.

As a leading global provider, Nilfisk provides professional cleaning solutions and services. The company was founded on a vision of producing and selling products of the highest quality worldwide and for more than a hundred years, Nilfisk has adapted to the changing needs of markets and customers with innovative products and solutions. With our products being sold in over 100 markets, we have established strong and valuable customer relations and partnerships across the world, and we strive to be at the forefront of technological advancement to drive future customer needs. Today, Nilfisk offers an extensive range of premium cleaning products including autonomous cleaning machines.

Keywords: Intelligent cleaning, documenting cleaning, reducing water, energy and chemicals, microbial cleaning, disinfecting

Innovation Challenge:

Sustainable cleaning and disinfecting have never been more important for our health & wellbeing and for businesses & societies across the world due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Nilfisk and Novozymes have joined forces around HelloScience and together with students, researchers and start-ups we want to explore what the future of sustainable cleaning looks like.

How can new cleaning technologies help societies adjust to the new enlarged need for cleaning?

The focus of this challenge is within five areas:

Detecting Clean: 

  • How can we help businesses and institutions detect how clean something is and easily document or monitor it?
  • (Think App, special Camera technology, lab on a chip kit etc.)

Intelligent Cleaning:

  • How can we optimize productivity and use of resources by creating a smarter machine?
  • (Think real-time detection of clean, smart buildings, data use, live tracking, sensors, cameras, artificial intelligence and dynamic adaptation of machine parameters.)  

Ecological cleaning:

  • How can we help businesses and institutions reduce water, chemical and energy consumption when cleaning?
  • (Think cleaning in less resourceful places, environmentally friendly solutions, renewable resources and energy, recycling, etc.)

Microbial Cleaning:

  • How can we use microbes to ensure cleaning also leaves a future healthy environment for people and nature?
  • (Think microbial cultures, ensuring biodiversity, human health, probiotic cleaning and microbiome, beneficial bacteria in cleaning, the evolution of the home biome etc.)

The Psychology of Cleaning:

  • How can we change the human perception of clean from “it looks and smell clean” to what is environmentally and suitably clean?
  • (Think understanding the psychology of cleaning, trust-building, nudging, cultural perceptions, new behavioural patterns for a common good etc.)


This Challenge wishes to explore solutions and ideas that can be implemented in B2B aspects, but please challenge our mindset.

We also guarantee the winners of this challenge an Incubation of their project on HelloScience, see more at